How Yupi247 works


Yupi247 is a technological platform created for the community where small and medium-sized companies can show their products and services online.


Yupi247 is a product and service locator, it allows users to find the closest business with the product or service that they need.


(1) Recent Products and Services: This wall shows the products or services that have been included in Yupi247.

(2) Shopping Cart: Here you can see the number of items in the cart and it is a direct access to the cart.

(3) Notifications: It is a menu that alerts you when you have messages or updates on your purchases or queries.

(4) Profile: The profile icon allows you to access the profile menu as well as the option to sign out.

(5) Language Menu: Every time Yup247 adds a language it will be available in this menu and will allow you to change the language of the interface.

(6) Search: Allows you to enter keywords to search for products or services.

(7) It is the lower menu of the main screen, where you can find the platform directory, the conditions of use, the help center, the support application and the section of new functionality and versions of the platform.


(8) Shows the number of products or services found according to the search.

(9) Distance bar, allows you to reduce or increase the search range based on your current position (GPS, Geolocation).

(10) Store's name.

(11) Country of the store.

(12) Name of the product or service.

(13) Cost/Price of the product or service.

(14) Location map, allows you to see the businesses where the products or services found in the search are located and their current location.

(15) Your position on the map.

(16) The position of the store or stores that were found with your search.