How to add a new store

In your profile, select the Virtual Store option from the menu on the left.

For your safety, we will ask you to log in again to enter the Store/Business Administration Center, since in this section you can create, modify or deactivate a store or business. Enter your email and password that you use regularly to access the platform.

Click on New Store

Fill in the fields.

(1) Commercial name: it is the artistic name of your business.

(2) Name: It is the official name registered in your country with the corresponding authorities in charge of overseeing business.

(3) Description or history of your business: It is a section that will be placed on the main screen of your business under the cover image to introduce your customers about what they could find in your business and the reason for it.

(4) Identification: It is the unique identifier that the government of your country gave you to identify your business in government procedures, in some countries known as legal ID.

(5) Enter the email that appears in your business information so that customers can contact you if necessary.

(6) Enter the phone number of your store or business.

(7) Select from the menu the currency you want to use to display the values in your business.

(8) Select the country where your business is located.

(9) Type in the address you normally give your customers to locate your business.

(10) In order to Yupi247 works correctly, it needs your business' coordinates(GPS). If you press Find me, we are going to try to locate your computer, so we recommend that you be in your business if you press the button or otherwise you can use the map move the marker over your business.

(11) Marker to locate your business.

(12) Complete the information of your social networks, which they will appear on your main page.

(13) Select the time your business is open each day of the week.

(14) Select the time your business is open each day of the week.

(15) In case you have a day closed, check the box and the opening and closing time will not be used on that day.

* Select Save in order to save all the information you have entered. Now we are going to activate your business.